Introducing the Employment Essentials Fund

It all started with one member’s need for a saw.

In late 2017, a member of Arrowhead Clubhouse approached the staff, volunteers and other members with a challenge he was facing. The member had secured a position as an assistant to a carpenter but needed a saw to fulfill his job requirements.

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Arrowhead Clubhouse, an inclusive community of hope where individuals find encouragement, opportunities and, most importantly, a sense of ownership and belonging, embraced the interesting issue raised by the need for a saw.


The clubhouse members and staff have been striving to create positive work opportunities here on the Sunshine Coast as such opportunities do several important things; provide members with a sustainable income, increase employment skills, support recovery and shift negative perceptions about mental illness within society.

Last year, as part of this effort to enhance and support employment opportunities on the Coast, a pilot project was launched in partnership with the Vancouver Foundation. SEED (Skills Enhancement for Employment and Development) is an eight-week employment readiness course designed to support members of the clubhouse to improve their skills and gain the confidence needed to enter, or re-enter, the world of work.


These past few months clubhouse members have also had the chance to meet with an employment specialist on a weekly basis to work on their resumes or receive advice on interviews. Additionally the clubhouse has been providing free First Aid and Food Safe courses for the members, courses essential for certain career choices.

When the issue of the saw was presented, clubhouse members, staff and volunteers realized there was still an essential piece missing in Arrowhead’s ability to support employment seeking members.

At the end of October 2018, and with a gracious grant from Sunshine Coast Credit Union, Arrowhead Clubhouse launched the Employment Essentials Fund. This fund helps members of the Clubhouse, who have secured employment in our community, purchase necessary items or tools for their job.

As of December 1, 2018, ten members have used the fund to purchase work boots (8) and glasses (2) for a total of $866.

Thank you Sunshine Coast Credit Union for helping to create this opportunity for the clubhouse members and for adding an important piece to our essential, and increasing, employment supports.

If you are a local employer looking for hardworking, committed and enthusiastic employees, please contact Foye Hatton at Arrowhead Clubhouse at