The Three Wise Men

Today was a very special day in our clubhouse. Three long-standing board members (Bob Smith, Brian Smith and Jim Chisholm) retired after a combined 29-years serving on the Arrowhead Clubhouse Society Board.

Bob, Brian and Jim.jpg

It is impossible to put into words the gratitude we feel to these three amazing men who have devoted nearly three decades to helping Arrowhead Clubhouse secure and settle into our new building (formerly the Sechelt RCMP building), expand our funding revenues, build connections in our community and a million and one other things to help the clubhouse flourish.

I spoke to Bob (16 years on the Board), Brian (13 years) and Jim (10 years) over lunch and they told me of the highs and lows of life on the Arrowhead Board. For all three, the day the current Arrowhead building opened its doors was the ultimate highlight, alongside creating invaluable community partnerships with Sunshine Coast Community Services and BC Housing and getting to know the members at meetings and social events. The low point … “lots and lots of meeting”. When I asked about hopes for the future - the answer was unanimous, secure stable funding for, among other things, opening on Sundays.

It was an honor to have lunch with the trio, often referred to as ‘the three wise men’ or the ‘Arrowhead Godfathers’, and we offer our heartfelt thanks and wish you all the very best in the future. Thank you.