Arrowhead Christmas Appeal

December 04, 2018


Dear Friends and Neighbours of the Sunshine Coast,



Christmas is coming! Arrowhead Clubhouse will be celebrating Christmas Day for the second year in a row. Last year we opened for Christmas Day for the first time, and over 40 people came. The need for the members of our community to have somewhere to go on Christmas Day was proved necessary, and important. The gifts we received from both local businesses, and individual donors, were plentiful and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who made 2017 Christmas Day happen last year.


This year we are opening the doors of Arrowhead Clubhouse on Christmas Day again. We are hoping that the community will once again reach out, and generously help us gather gifts for everyone. Giving within our own community is very special, and the gifts are so wonderful. Our members are a very close-knit group of people who Love each other like Family. We are Creative, Talented, Smart, Loving, and Compassionate. We try to take care of each other, and that is the purpose of Arrowhead Clubhouse, so people with similar experiences can Peer Support, and Help each other through Empathy and Understanding. We are almost all low income, and feeding each other during the week is a major part of what we do. But we also do other things like Building a Shed this year, managing a Garden, Fundraising for Ourselves, Hospital visits, and Art. The Clubhouse is a central meeting place within the community where we can be safe from STIGMA, and share our stories with each other.


One thing people might not know about people with mental illness is that we can have a shortened lifespan. This affects us very deeply and in 2018 we have lost 4 members. Mourning is part of our everyday existence. It may in fact be one of the causes of sickness that we can periodically slip in and out of. The only comfort we find when losing someone is in each other, and we all treat each other very gently when dealing with a loss of a Best Friend. We are so close and like a family, it seems that when one of us is hurting, we all hurt.


When someone gets a Job, or finds Housing, or has a Baby, we all congratulate the person and share in the Good Fortune. We Love each other and Know each other. Our staff are equally affected, and involved in our day to day happenings. They help us to do things that are hard for us, like talking to people on the phone or grocery shopping, and participate in our Events and Lives on a daily basis. Community Services provides our staffing and they are very good at finding people who fit into our Clubhouse.


Christmas is a special time for a lot of people, but for some people it can be a very hard time. Loneliness and grief can overshadow the Fun. The pressure to engage in Gift-Giving when on a fixed income can ruin Christmas for some of us. The gifts we receive from the Community are very much appreciated and needed. Please help us have a Christmas that is full of Love, Blessings, and Good Cheer!


Thank You So Much,

Arrowhead Clubhouse Members


We are hoping the community will provide gifts for us again this year. The following is a list of ideas for gifts but feel free to give what you want to give.

Things we Need

● Gloves ● Thermal underwear ● Flashlights ● Winter Jackets ● Backpacks ● Kitchenware ● Bedding ● Towels ● Soaps, Shampoos, Toothbrushes, etc.

Things we Want

● Chocolates ● Candy ● Toys ● Games ● Candles ● Jewelry ● Perfumes ● Trinkets and Ornaments ● Hair things ● Chocolates ● Gift Certificates or Tickets for Events

Things for the Clubhouse

● Donations to the Members Fund ● Games ● Kitchen Appliances ● Craft or Art Supplies ● Tickets to Events ● Food for Christmas Day, especially baking (if can be frozen can give anytime, otw give on Christmas Day) ● Volunteering to share a Skill or Workshop

If you have any questions please call Arrowhead Clubhouse at (604) 747-4735